Innovative works to support local community

Mr.Suvenendra of 32, lives with his parents in Rajavarotham Nagar in Kithul Village, situated in  heckalady division. He studied only up to grade 08, then joined with his uncle and worked in mechanical shop. After some times he started his own mechanical shop at Chenkalady. By maintaining good relationship with all concerned, he gets assistance from Divisional Secretariat and other NGOs to buy necessary tools and small machines.

“During gradual expansion of the business I came to know about YED program supported by UNDP under EU SDDP program, implemented through DS office Chenkalady. I was selected
and participated 05 days business plan development workshop held for divisions’ level participants.

“It was a first time for me to attend such a useful and comprehensive practical oriented workshop, where I was able to clarify many doubts and questions which I had for long term. I
have submitted my business plan and received tools for worth of Rs 45,000 from UNDP. With the help of the sets of new tool kits, I am able to undertake additional works and hire 02 persons
for assisting the works”.

“Now, I am moving for next level of my business and receive order from various places. Recently, I got an order from an organization to assemble 10 machines to press a special grass for making mats for a women group. Earlier, the women group used a manual operated wood machine for the same purpose, but was not effective. This is the first time I am trying to make an electrical operative machine for such women to work effectively. Almost half way done so far and hope that it will be completed successfully soon. I can earn Rs.5000 as labor charge for making a machine”. Similarly, he got another order from DS office, Kaluwachikudy for assembling Clay Pots making

machine and an order from Jaffna for making an incubator for chicken. “Compare to early stage, my income increased substantially depends on the orders and repairing works. I earn from Rs. 60,000 to 100,000 per month” says proudly. In addition to mechanical works, he also undertake small contract works on plumbing and house wiring works outside of my shops and earn an additional income.

“With my experience and knowledge, I am committed to work for society by making suitable machine to ease their work and increase efficiency. I am engaging in designing machineries for
string hopers making and gram grinding for another set of women group”.

“On the request of some paddy farmers, I am developing another machines by using color lamp to attract and to burn insects. I am already in discussion with Department of Agriculture for further technical advice”.

“I don’t have lathe machine facilities to make the design as per my requirements, every time I have to take the work to a lathe workshop which is far away from my place, so my aim is to set up a lathe machine workshop on my own in near future” says very confidently.


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